Our Lady of Hope
Turns 50!

Revised 9/5/04

OLH/St Luke 50th/15th Celebration Started with
the all class reunion on Sept 4

Our 50th anniversary started with a bang On Saturday evening, September 4, 2004. Nearly 300 alumni, faculty, and priests got together to reminisce and renew old friendships.

Click here for 2004 reunion story and pictures.

The reunion committee We ask your help for any additional alumni names and addresses you can provide. If you move, or change your email address, let us know where we can contact you! Please use this special E-mail address for any questions you may have or to pass on information about yourself or classmates.

Use this address to contact Dennis Coyle about this website, or to send reunion pictures for publication on the website. Denny

If you have comments about the reunion, post them in our guest book!
We invite you from all graduation classes to email
or write to the 50th committee and send us your
name,address, email address, phone number,
and year of graduation so that we can contact
you with further developments. We also would
like to ask for your help in locating lost
classmates. A lot of us left the parish years ago
and have become quite hard to find. Most of the
ladies have married and complicated our task of
locating them when they took on a new surname.
In some cases we have been able to find people
through their parents, but often the parents
have moved on or have passed on.
So, if you know the whereabouts of any OLH
alumni, we ask you to do two things;
Send us their name, class, and a way to contact
them, and contact them yourself as well. With
luck, we will be able to build a good web of
contacts so that we don't miss anyone.
. For a fast reply use this email link:
The Anniversary Committe

The above link goes to 3 people on the anniversary
committee. It is set up that way because we would
like to get back to you as quickly as possible. At
least one of us is sure to check our mail daily.

We need to make our 50th anniversary a wonderful
celebration! With your help, it will happen.
Hoping to hear from you soon!

2004 reunion
story and pictures.


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