Class of 1965

Back L to R: Ed Wykowski, Bernie Seebode, William Placek - Front Barbara Schiefer, Deborah Shifflett, E Schiefer, Gretchen Haubner, Melanie Maffei, Anita Rosa, Mary Snyder, Dennis Coyle

The Class of '65 had a decent turnout given the fact that it was a holiday weekend. All of us are still within about 50 miles of OLH except for Gretchen who lives right over the hill in Colorado. Barbara Schiefer is now Mrs Ed Wykowski.

Anita Rosa with husband Robert and Melanie Maffei with husband Robert

Gertchen Haubner (L) and Bernard Seebode (R)

Gretchen Haubner and Dennis Coyle

Christine Placek, Brother William Placek, and Melanie Maffei

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